Welcome to part 7 of the 40k house deposit challenge where I try to get onto the property ladder within 24 months. Although we’re still less than 50% through the challenge it’s starting to take shape after an initial slow first few months.

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Why am I publishing this journey?

When I came up with this idea it was purely because I find it easier to follow through with a goal if I have it written down. After searching the internet, it seemed there weren’t many logs of people documenting live as they did it, so I decided to do it!

I’m just a normal 9-5 worker trying to get on the property ladder. But I’m aware of how difficult this is so hopefully can inspire others to do the same thing.

Monthly Thoughts

Over the month I’ve done some deep thought about what to do next with these two affiliate marketing sites. To reach this £40,000 goal there needs to be some sort of lump cash injection to power it along and with this being my only source of passive income this seems to be the only way.

For those unaware, generally in the internet marketing world, an affiliate marketing site can be sold for around 30-40x the monthly profits based on a 12-month average. This means if your site made a £100 profit a month for the last 12 months then you have the potential to sell for between £3000- £4000.

I have two sites now which would provide a nice sum if they both sold to the right buyers and both are currently on an upward trajectory in terms of commission so makes it a better proposition for buyers. For this reason, I’ve decided to list both sites with online marketplaces that will bring buyers to the listing and hopefully sell.

It’s slightly easier for me to part ways with these sites as I don’t have a burning desire to continue to run them and don’t see how I could grow them into a business long term, although listing the sites provides no guarantees of sale. Site 1 will be sold via a no-reserve auction and site 2 will be sold via a fixed price buy it now listing due to it being more profitable.

It’s not an overnight process as I’ll next create the in-depth listings and pull together all the financial information to prove the sites earnings and both listings will be running for 30 days.

Monthly Results

Affiliate marketing commission total- £537.70

A total of £537.70 was generated between both sites which is an increase from £375.80 in June. This is also great to see as both sites are being listed so shows they both continue to be on an upward lift in terms of earning.

Site 1 – Sleep site

This was the first site I created which reviews sleep products and provide sleep tips and guides for readers. Back in February/March, this site looked to be on a steep decline but this has been pulled back and generated its highest commission month of the year.

Commission: £281.77

Site 2 – Outdoor site

The second site is based around outdoor camping and caravan products and has been growing throughout the whole year and posted its second-best month which is great going into the site being listed for sale.

Commission: £255.93

Investment Balance – £8,823.85 (+£1,647.93)

The investment portfolio I’ve built is benefiting from being fuelled by my 9-5 work which is a result of keeping my expenses to minimal levels. Also, this investment continues to come from the affiliate marketing commissions and investment returns.

Total House Deposit Balance: £8,823.85 (+£1,647.93)


We’re just over 20% of the way towards the total target with 29% of the challenge elapsed so I’m happy with the ground that I’ve made. Hopefully, the sale of the sites will massively help on the road to the £40,000 target. See you next month!


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