Welcome back to the 40k house deposit challenge where I document my journey from scratch to getting on the property ladder in London. If you’re new here, then first of all welcome! Feel free to look at the previous instalments for a better understanding of the current status of the project.

In February, I rolled out an expense tracker to account for all my expenses. This meant in March I could make all the necessary changes once I could highlight where I was overspending.

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Monthly Thoughts

The first main thing that was clear was I’m overspending on food with food delivery apps being one of my biggest vices. Even when I have food in the fridge, after a long day of work it’s still far too tempting to order food to be delivered. Instead of completely wiping them out I’ve decided to limit myself to 4 per month or 1 per week which I feel is more manageable.

In tandem with this, I’ve explored different ways to create a meal plan that I can stick to. There are various meal prepping services such as HelloFresh but this can rack up costs and doesn’t account for all the meals in the day. As a regular gym-goer, the fitness meal prepping services were even more costly.

So eventually I’ve settled on a plan where I cook all my meals at home. This also includes Huel which is a meal replacement shake that has all the nutrients that I’d include in a regular meal but is a lot easier to consume. Ultimately my goal here is to keep food expenses under £150, so we’ll see how it goes.

The next step in reducing expenses was removing unwanted subscriptions. This is an easy way to cut monthly spends especially for things you don’t use. Although I don’t go crazy with subscriptions I did have a Disney+ and Amazon Prime subscription that I don’t utilise.

For any Amazon prime users out there, a great thing to do is to view your Amazon Prime dashboard which shows you how many orders you’ve made using your Prime subscription then you can quickly work out if it’s worth it for you.

Why am I publishing this journey?

For any new readers, this series is a way to track my progress and stay accountable towards saving a £40,000 deposit for my first London property while working a regular 9-5 job and finding new passive income streams to supplement my finances.

Monthly Results

Affiliate marketing – £273.13

Between the two affiliate marketing sites, they generated a total of £273.13 which shows strong growth MOM from Februarys total of £173.46 so it looks like the investment into traffic is beginning to work.

Site 1 – Sleep site

The first site reviews sleep products so think of mattresses, pillows, duvets etc. This site seems to continue to be on the decline which has also been shown in the falling visitor numbers. There is a single seasonal article that performs very well over summer so I’m keen to keep it until the end of summer to reap the rewards of that.

Revenue: £99.07

Site 2 – Outdoor site

The second site is based around outdoor camping and caravan product and I’m currently still adding new content to the site to increase the visitor numbers.

Revenue: £174.06

As the new content begins to rank in Google the earnings have continued to grow month on month with revenue increasing by 96% from Februarys total of £88.44

Investment Balance – £1293.67 (+£543.23)

After not adding to my investment portfolio in February, I resumed by adding £500 to the account, partly funded by the affiliate income. I haven’t decided on a fixed amount to add each month but this will depend on how much is invested into the affiliate marketing sites.

Total House Deposit Balance: £1293.67 (+£543.23)


I will be exploring more active investments intending to be slightly more aggressive with my approach. The affiliate marketing sites overall have also shown good growth so see you next month!


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