Hello and welcome back to the 40k house deposit challenge where I plan to save a house deposit within 24 months. If you’re new here, then have a look at the previous instalments to get a feel for how this is currently going.

Challenge Intro
Update 1

February was a month of laying the foundation and further planning how to reach the target most efficiently and realistically. First of all, I created a budget expense template that allows me to track every single expense throughout the month to see where I’m overspending.

This makes it significantly easier to plan out my route to the goal and I can also account for any future large expenses that may arise. The tracker not only tracks expenses but also tracks savings and investments so each month I can see how I’m tracking towards the target.

Why am I publishing this journey?

If you’re new, then this is a quick reminder that this challenge and series is a way to document and track my progress towards saving a £40,000 deposit for my first London property while working a regular 9-5 job and finding new passive income streams to supplement my finances.

I find this the best way to stay accountable to ensure that I have the best chance of success as it’s easy to fall off track when saving.

What happened this month?

Investing in the affiliate websites

I currently have two affiliate marketing websites that I have created to provide additional passive income for the challenge. This means I create online written content which then drives users to 3rd party sites. If the user converts a sale, then I receive a commission.

Now the key thing with this business model is getting customer eyes onto your content. There are free ways to generate the traffic but results can be faster by investing in paid marketing strategies to fuel your site traffic. I’ve decided to invest a small portion of funds into this to grow the viewership of these two sites.

Sell or hold passive income streams?

Another thing I spent the month thinking about is whether to hold these passive income streams indefinitely or find a buyer for the websites to cash out. Of course, there are benefits and negatives to each strategy. Having a passive income stream long term means you get a monthly payout whereas if I sell the website I’ll receive a lump sum that can be thrown at the overall deposit goal.

Monthly Results

Affiliate marketing – £279.12

Between the two affiliate marketing sites, they generated a total of £173.46 which I’m quite pleased with so far as this shows that there is potential for further growth. But it’s also clear that I will need to start investing funds into these sites to bring more users to the web pages, which will then lead to more sales.

Site 1 – Sleep site

The first site reviews sleep products so think of mattresses, pillows, duvets etc. This site seems to be on the decline and I feel like I’ve covered most of the big topics. There is also the issue of more authoritative sites in this space which is causing a lot of competition for traffic.

Revenue: £190.68

Site 2 – Outdoor site

The second site is based around outdoor camping and caravan products and I’ve added a lot of content recently that has begun to bring users to the site and over the coming months, I’d expect this to continue.

Revenue: £88.44

Site 2 has seen some nice growth month on month and looks like it has the most potential due to being less seasonal and the site generally having a broader appeal.

Investment Balance – £750.44 (+£0.44)

After dipping my toe into investing in January, no additional investments were made in February due to investing money into building the traffic sources for the two affiliate marketing sites.

I will continue to invest in stocks in March but I’m happy with the current amounts.

Total House Deposit Balance: £750.44 (+£8.61 MOM)


So obviously you might be thinking I’ve only increased my saving balance by £8.41. However, I was always aware that this could potentially have a slow start and then accelerate later on throughout the challenge. As I’ve mentioned previously, laying the foundations will be the key to success. I’ll see you next month.


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